BRIEF: Show that the NFL is coming to the UK.

INSIGHT: British people are far too polite for their own good.

IDEA: Subway brings a British twist to American football with apologising shoulder pads.



Subway are proud to sponsor the NFL as it brings the high-impact, high-octane sport of American Football to the UK for four unique games.

But what happens when some of the NFL’s biggest tacklers and hitters discover Britain’s famous reserve and manners?

Subway are about to let you find out…

PADS 1.png


We’ll create a set of Subway branded NFL shoulder pads.

But to celebrate the fact that these games are taking place in Britain, Subway have given the pads a little twist.

Every time a player tackles another, the pads let out a polite apology in classic British style.

“Terribly sorry old chap”, “I beg your pardon”, “do forgive me”, “Sorry” “Sorry” and more “Sorry”.

We’ll hand the pads out to a few American players in the park, and watch their confused, funny reactions as the shoulder pads constantly apologise when they smash into one another time and time again.  

PADS 2.png